Benjamin Weerts

President of Stewardship & Financial Advisor
Phone: (218) 326-0068

About Benjamin

My Why: To have a lasting impact on families and businesses to help them fulfill their goals. 

When I was 5 years old, my mom was frantically getting myself and my 1-year-old brother ready for the day before she went to work. I could not get my moon boot onto my foot. She pushed mightily but it would not go. In disgust, she threw the boot to the floor and out rolled some dog food and right behind it a mouse. The three of us moved at the speed of lightning to a chair to escape this terrible beast.

Growing up in the woods (south of Shevlin, Minnesota) provided me the lifetime opportunity to constantly enjoy the outdoors and be resourceful at whatever curveball life offers. I was fortunate to grow up in a place that offered both a year-round playground as well as work to be done in all seasons. Such is life in northern Minnesota, and it is why I am blessed to continue this lifestyle into adulthood and raise a family here.

After a couple of years in the real world after college and having “good jobs”, I found myself wanting more. I was going to enroll at St. Cloud State to pursue my MBA but first I traveled Europe. It was on this trip that I began to fully realize how much I enjoy meeting people and hearing their dreams and aspirations. When I got home, the opportunity to become a Financial Advisor in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, presented itself and in the winter of 2002, I moved to Grand Rapids knowing only two friends from college.

After a few weeks as a Financial Advisor, I knew I had found my true calling. I love being able to meet people from all walks of life, listen to their stories, and transform what I learned to help them achieve their next life achievement.

Like the people I work with, my family is extremely important to me. I am married to my wife Kari who grew up Grand Rapids. We met on a blind date at the Forest Lake Restaurant through a mutual friend. We have two children including our daughter Ella and son Bennett. Ella enjoys soccer, Nordic skiing, and playing flute in band as well as the piano. Bennett enjoys basketball, baseball, football, Nordic skiing, and playing percussion in band as well as the piano.

Together as an active family, we spend our winters playing basketball and cross-country skiing. Our spring and summers are full of fishing, boating, swimming, traveling, camping, baseball, and biking. In the fall you will find us at youth soccer games, fishing some more, hunting for grouse and deer and hiking. We enjoy many of the lakes throughout Itasca County as well as the Park Rapids area where I grew up spending my summers. Our hunting is primarily done in Shevlin/Solway area on the properties that we are blessed to have in the family. This has enabled us to spend more extended family time together. Most of all we enjoy being together as a family and spending time with our families and friends.