About Providence Financial Advisors

Providence – A manifestation of divine care or direction. The quality or state of being provident (making provision for the future). 

Stewardship The conducting, supervising, or managing of something. The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

About Us – We are a team of professionals working collaboratively with our clients to help them find clarity, confidence, and contentment in their financial lives.

Who We Serve – We exist to serve a small group of successful families, business owners, and institutions empowering them to be good stewards of God’s provision.

How You Benefit (How We Serve) – As fiduciaries for our clients, we are dedicated to putting your interests ahead of our own and providing excellent advice to help you find clarity, confidence, and contentment in your financial life. 

How We Benefit – Transparent fees for investment  management, financial planning, and insurance products. Introductions to folks you look up to financially. 

Trina L. Hanner

The Providence Process – The Providence Process is about being intentional and knowing our clients holistically, and includes Your Values, the 7 Pillars of Financial Planning, 6 Key Risks of Retirement, and Biblical principles for financial management.

Your Values – Living in alignment is about matching your “real” behaviors with your “ideal Values.” Living out of alignment is a source of stress, dissatisfaction, and poor decision-making. We utilize an interactive assessment to define what you value most and to set the stage for behaviors and performance more closely aligned with your ideal self. In the future, we use your values as a benchmark for decisions and the development of a Financial Purpose Statement, much like a business leans into its mission statement when facing decisions.